At the heart of Olympism

At the heart of Olympism

50 metres of visual stands and video screens
12 themes and iconic collectibles.

At the heart of Olympism

It is the ideal promotional and communication tool to support you in the celebration of the next Olympic Games. The exhibition is made up of different themes, with videos recalling the highlights of the Games. The exhibition whets your appetite for the world's premier sporting event.
The exhibition presents medals, torches and many emblematic objects from private collections. It is an opportunity to bring together people with distinct interests, from enthusiasts to collectors or simply fans of sporting excellence, and the touchscreen tables are a great draw for young people too.
Other activities can also accompany the exhibition, including conferences, film screenings, broadcasts of the Games, and so on.

The digital exhibition

Discover the digital experience

A journey to the heart of Olympism at your fingertips

The entire Exhibition is enriched and energized
on a touchscreen terminal by:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Virtual books
  • 3D objects
  • Interactive maps
  • Historical timeline