Olympism and Diplomacy, 

a very long history 

An exhibition which goes behind the scenes of the Olympic Games to reveal and explain the intimate relationship between sport and politics: an essential part of the international success of the modern Olympic Games. 

Over more than 1,500 years of Olympic history, from their founding in antiquity to the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Games, the exhibition takes an aesthetic, historical, chronological and anecdotal look to unveil and demonstrate the place and role of the Olympic Games in the history of the world. The exhibition is based on information, archives, testimonies and key events throughout this illustrious history. 

  • The IOC and the UN call for the Olympic Truce before each Olympic Games 
  • The Games are part of the history of the world and often showcase its great upheavals. 

A message of peace, community and fraternity for a peaceful and better world.

  • Sport and diplomacy allow countries to join or return to the community of nations and enable athletes of every background, gender and faith to come together peacefully
  • Quite simply, the Olympic Games are mankind’s largest peacetime event and can only be held in an atmosphere of peace.