Traveling exhibitions 

Spaces dedicated to Memory, Emotion and Discovery 

Space of Memory 

The "at the heart of Olympism" exhibition features stories and legends that weave a web of shared destiny. It is accompanied by a touchscreen table and collectibles (Olympic torches, parade outfits, medals, posters, tickets, old and rare books, etc.) 

Space of Discovery 

You will discover surprising and lesser known aspects of the Olympic world. Faithful to its educational mission, this exhibition also engages young people through playful materials and educational activities. They will enjoy discovering the fascinating world of the Games. 

Space of Emotion 

This exhibition allows you to relive the highlights that marked the Games. Olympic and world records, athletes pushing their limits, joy, sadness, togetherness and fraternity - the human feelings which bind athletes and make the events so special.

Citizen exhibitions

Our association is mindful of reducing the ecological footprint left by its exhibitions, in particular by: 

  • printing resources with plant-based inks 
  • reusing free-standing structures for other exhibitions 
  • employing local workers for our exhibitions abroad 

Accessible exhibitions 

The exhibition has been translated into English or the language of the host country.
Our exhibits are also designed for people with sight problems to enjoy - texts with enlarged characters are provided for the visually impaired and Braille is available for blind visitors. Items can be thermo-moulded so that visitors can touch them. 

Discover the digital experience

of our exhibitions at your fingertips

The entire exhibition enriched and energized on a touch screen terminal.

  • 300 pictures
  • 40 videos
  • Virtual books
  • 3D object
  • Interactive maps
  • History on timeline